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Decodable Phonics Readers - I Am In To Books Covers

Decodable Phonics Readers in the
I Am In To Books Series

Build your child’s reading confidence through systematic reading practice with decodable phonics readers.

Each stage of the I Am In To Books Series focuses on a different phonics skill. There are 10 books at each stage. The stages progress along the phonics continuum, beginning with short vowel CVC words in Stage 1 and progressing in difficulty.

Within each stage, the number of words in the book increases. As the stages progress, the number of pages increase as well. In addition, each stage introduces 10 high-frequency words. 95+% of the words in each book at each stage are either decodable or introduced high-frequency words. This will help your child have reading success instead of frustration. The goal of the series is to build decoding skills and help your child fall in love with reading!

How can I use the I Am In To Books series to help my child learn to read?

Purchase each Kindle book on Amazon. Download the free reading resources specifically designed for each book. (see the links on each Stage Page for downloads) The reading resources will provide specific activities you can do with your child that will help your child learn to read. These activities incorporate the following proven reading acquisition strategies:

• Introduce print concepts
• Ask comprehension and vocabulary questions
• Model reflecting on a text
• Identify letter-sound relationships
• Provide multi-sensory experiences with letters and sounds
• Teach and practice phonemic awareness
• Teach and practice phonics
• Teach and practice sight/HFW words
• Build reading success with controlled texts read multiple times
• Build and add to a set of known words
• Read aloud to children

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The I Am In To Books Reading Program is available for the free Kindle Reader App.

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